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Surfer Stork T-shirt

Special Collection -Watercolor drawing by Laura Bonito
Colors: White and Natural
100% Organic Cotton 
Made in Portugal


Men Models: XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL
Women Models: S, M, L



About the artist:
This amazing Surfer Stork was draw by the talentous artist Laura Bonito. From Melides, this special friend inspires us from our childhood with your incredible drawings! 


In order to keep the creative spark alight, in 2010 she decided to invest in her creative mind and graduated in Scientific Illustration at IAO (UAL, Lisbon). This course allowed her to acquire skills and abilities while learning many drawing and painting techniques.


​She felt passionate about watercolor, so she decided to do a watercolor course at Nextart, Lisboa.

For her, art is a form of expression, it's intuitive. Mostly inspired by nature, she's genuinely passionate about art and she wants to share her journey and artistic experiences. 


Discover and be fascinated with her paitings on instagram: / website:

Surfer Stork T-shirt - Adult

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